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Why BSS Around?

«360 Degrees» 360 Degrees and «Azimuth» Azimuth address these and many other questions.

  • Azimuth1.

    In a group of 15 co-workers, some generate ideas and others claim that they are theirs. How can the manager become aware of the situation?

  • Azimuth2.

    There are many complains that the system administrator is not helpful. What is the problem? Could it be that it is not part of her responsibilities to help, but nobody knows it? Is she incompetent, anti-social or lazy?

  • Azimuth360 Degrees3.

    A company has an urgent need to fill the position of director of Logistics. The management already has a candidate in mind. But how can they be sure that they have not overlooked somebody just as qualifed?

  • Azimuth4.

    An employee thinks that management does not value him although «everybody knows how hard he works.» How should one inform him of what co-workers really think?

  • Azimuth5.

    A company is forming a new group for a project and would like to find people who would get along with each other. How can they be found in 3 to 4 hours?

  • Azimuth6.

    A company has finally embraced the importance of corporate culture and decided to implement it across the board. Management needs like-minded people, who will embrace the change and at the same time have wide spheres of infuence on their colleagues. How can these candidates be found quickly if the company employs over 3,000 people?

  • Azimuth360 Degrees7.

    There are people who constitute the backbone of a company and cannot be let go even during challenging times. The management cannot always diferentiate between these key players and those who only appear to be. How can the management identify these vital employees?

  • 360 Degrees8.

    A manager wants to know what her subordinates think of her. She knows that nobody would speak truthfully to her. What course of action should she take?

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