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Methodology used by «360 degrees» is considered to be one of the most effective methodologies of employee assessment. Its success is largely due to the fact that the employees are evaluated by those who know their work best: their colleagues, supervisors, subordinates and, possibly, customers. First, this all-encompassing assessment allows for an objective overall evaluation of an employee, and, second, it fashes out possible disagreements and opinion differences. (Note: in order to preserve confidentiality and to ensure authenticity of participants' answers, only average results are available. All individual replies remain confidential.)

The qualities, or competences, for each assessment can be chosen from a list of 38 competencies. In each project, maximum of 9 competencies for each employee can be selected. Each competence has a set of indicators and questions attached, so each assessment survey will vary based on the competences selected.

The results of the assessment can give the employer an idea regarding the employee's value or contribution to the company and suitability of his or her job role. The results will allow the comparison between the employee's self evaluation and the opinions his or her colleagues, superiors, subordinates and customers. The assessment is particularly good at determining who makes valuable contributions to the company's undertakings and who only appears to do so.

BSS Around has developed a proprietary graphic representation of the "360 Degrees" evaluation results for each employee.

Spider Web Diagram — example from an Individual Report

«360 degrees» is well known and is widely used by management consulting firms around the world. Due to our proprietary automated system, we are able to provide the same type of analysis but much quicker and at a much lower rate.

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