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Azimuth is a proprietary system that was developed by BSSL. It is founded on the process of "decoding" the structure of the company's social network through questions about the intensity, efectiveness, accessibility and interdependence of employee interactions. It helps to detect:

  • Formal and informal relationships among colleagues
  • "Bottle necks" and "blood clots" that affect information flow as well as work process
  • "Map of employee interactions"
  • Informal group leaders
  • Degree of trust among colleagues
  • Key people to approach when solving business problems in an off site location

This is a snapshot of typical egocentric network for an emploee

Azimuth provides recommendations regarding the optimization of employee interactions to improve communication, increase productivity, and achieve other corporate goals. "Azimuth" is a quick methodology that uses the adaptive testing approach. This means that any subsequent question is based on the preceding ones. This allows minimizing the number of questions asked; thus, shortening the assessment process. Azimuth's reliability is determined by the symmetry of its questions. If any of the employees fails to participate in the assessment, Azimuth can still draw conclusions about him or her from the answers provided by his or her peers. Realistically, Azimuth can provide accurate results if at least 2⁄3 of the employees participate in the testing.

Please visit our new site for information about our flagship product Azinuth 2.0. In the next few months, we will be migrating to the the new site but in the meantime, both sites are available.

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