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    We have automated the assessment process, allowing us to offer you more competitive rates. For a number of years, we have conducted assessments based on the "360 Degree" methodology. In the process we discovered that the majority of our customers are interested in similar competences, ask the same types of questions and receive similar answers. We have decided not to waste your time, as many of our competitors do, and instead created a fully automated process of assessment, which saves everybody time and money. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and rates.

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    However, if you don't fall into the 90% category and if your needs are different from most of our customers, no problem. We will accommodate you. Our tests can be easily customized since our database contains 38 quantifiable competencies, each with a set of working questions.

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    We are known for our ingenuity. "Azimuth" is our own creation. It is a great tool for unveiling social network structures within various organizations. Not only does it allow visualizing interactions between employees based on their feedback regarding one another, but it also designates the most representative evaluators for each employee. It thus saves an enormous amount of time that would have gone into manually selecting who should evaluate whom.

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    "Azimuth", which is based on 16 simple questions, also allows you to flash out clusters of friends, determine "bottle- necks" of interaction, find out which employees are the most effective conductors of the information flow (i.e. information hubs), discover the best places for the most effective implementation of changes and much more.

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    We worked day and night to make sure that "Azimuth" does not contain anything unnecessary. We believe that it must remain a simple, practical and effective tool. If something appears to be missing from the system, it is most likely because we have decided that it would not improve the quality of our product.

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    We are proud of the "info-design" of our reports. We are also pleased with the usability of our site, especially with questionnaires and assessment project administrator pages.

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    We have a great team composed of doctors of psychology, amazing programmers, a professional info-designer and a graduate from Harvard Business School.

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    By using psychometric methods, the system minimizes the influence of subjective factors and thus increases the validity of the assessment. It analyzes each individual answer given by your employees, takes into account the specificity of your organization and its goals, determines the set of competencies to be studied, and converts the values of each question into a final overall score.

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    You can entrust the assessment project to your assistants. They will have limited access to the system and yet be able to observe the progress of the test-takers (who is on what stage of the assessment), invite new participants, solve various operational questions — all without taking you away from your work.

Please visit our new site for information about our flagship product Azinuth 2.0. In the next few months, we will be migrating to the the new site but in the meantime, both sites are available.

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