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Two types of reports available after the completion of the BSS Around Employee Assessment- Corporate (that discusses company as a whole) and Individual (one for each assessed employee). Both reports are in PDF.

If you have chosen to conduct both parts of the Assessment — «360 degrees» and «Azimuth," you will receive a well rounded set of reports that will reveal measurable metrics for each employee evaluated as well as your organization as a whole.

Whereas «Azimuth» determines strengths and weaknesses of employee interactions, «360 degrees» evaluates each employee separately and independently from his/her colleagues.

Individual Reports

Individual reports only include the results of the «360 Degrees» Assessment and is based on the feedback from all survey participants, including self assessment. Individual report focuses on the evaluation of a particular employee based on a set of criteria. These reports include the average scores for each competence as well as anonymous feedback from colleagues. Individual Reports help management better understand each employees performance and take actions pertaining to particular employees (promotion, change of responsibilities, dismissal, etc). It is a great tool in singling out employees strong and weak points; his/her role in the organization and prospects for professional development.

Download Sample Personal Report

  • Employees Scores and Ratings for each competence
  • Employees Competence Diagram
  • Analysis of employees Scores based on Indicators
  • List of employees Strong and Weak points
  • Colleagues Feedback (anonymous)
  • Detailed recommendations
corporate report screenshot

Corporate Report

Corporate Report includes results from the «360 Degrees» as well as «Azimuth» Assessments.Corporate report does not only include the summary performance of each employee but also describes the social network of the organization. It highlights areas where management needs to focus its attention in order to improve performance or answer other business problems.

Download Sample Corporate Report

  • Employees Ratings based on the «Azimuth» Assessment
  • Rating of Employees by competence
  • Summary results for each employee
  • Egocentric network diagrams of employee interactions
  • Detailed recommendations
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