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Ensuring Employee Participation

In order to ensure precision, accuracy and effectiveness of the assessment, staff participation must be maximized and the answers provided by employees must be sufficiently reliable.

Unfortunately, in practice, employee evaluations are often sabotaged (whether on purpose or not), which leads to distortion of results. The psychometrics system is quite successful at minimizing these problems: it is able to provide satisfactory results if at least half the staff answers the questions truthfully. However, it is always best to rely on data that has been uncontaminated from the beginning.

Two of the most frequently encountered problems are: unwillingness to participate in a project that appears to be a waste of time and fear that, by participating in the assessment, one may somehow do harm to himself or to his colleagues. The cause of these problems is simple: participants unawareness of the purpose of the assessment as well as of its usefulness to him/her.

In order to avoid these problems, it is advisable that management informs employees in advance of the purpose of assessment and conducts a «PR campaign» for the project.

BSS Around developed a series of email templates (that can be easily modified) to encourage employee participation in the assessment and remind them to complete the survey.

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