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What is BSS Around?

BSS Around is an employee evaluation portal that does not only evaluate individual employees but also analyses the organizational structure of the assessed company.

It combines two different assessment systems: «360 Degrees» and «Azimuth». «360 Degrees» focuses on strengths and weaknesses of individual employees and is a widely used evaluation method in the industry by management and HR consultants. «Azimuth» was developed in house by our team of psychologists and other professionals to analyze the overall organizational structure of the company and highlight any problematic areas.

BSS Around is a fully automated portal allowing quick and easy evaluation process. There is no need to wait weeks for reports — as soon as the evaluation is complete the reports are available for downloads.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer any of your question and help you make decisions along the way to maximize BSSL Around's potential for your corporate needs.

The 5 advantages of our system include:

  1. The first advantage for both large and small companies is full automation of the assessment process. Theoretically, even organizations with 10,000 employees can conduct a complete assessment in a single day. In practice, of course, the human factor slows down the process, but a week is a reasonable estimate for the project.
  2. To this day «Azimuth» has no analogue anywhere in the world. This proprietary system with only a few questions away can point out many problematic interactions within companies and work groups.
  3. Our high quality services are financially accessible even to small companies, which was never been the case before. Its also important to point out that our system creates new markets for independent consultants and agencies that can use BSS-Around to provide their customers with inexpensive quality diagnostics.
  4. The use of psychometric analysis to ensure that any potential bias is removed from the participants answers makes our system not only reliable but easily actionable.
  5. Visualization — the easy to read reports with supplemental graphs and the Egocentric Network Diagram provide both — an easy overview and in depth information. This allows managers and participants to easily action on the recommendations to improve productivity and achieve other corporate goals.

This portal works well for all size companies from small to big. While it is possible to conduct evaluation for a company as small as 10 people, we recommend using our system for companies that have at least 30 employees due to higher reliability of the assessment results.

Setting up the evaluation is simple as well.

All you would need to do is to upload the list of employees with some basic information including their email, job title, department, and in some cases position and level. Then, add a list of competences according to which you would like your employees to be evaluated and set who is going to evaluate whom.

The competences can be selected from our extensive list (and we find that it applies to over 90% of companies) or you can add your own. Additionally, you have the option to evaluate all employees according to the same set of competences or evaluate different groups according to a unique set of competences. If you choose the second option, you will need to upload employees positions and levels.

If you decide to use «Azimuth», you will not need to select who will evaluate whom manually, as it will come directly from the «Azimuths» results.

Once the Set up is complete, email invitations will be sent to participants at a click of a button.

During the assessment phase, employees will be asked to evaluate 10–15 of their colleagues based on 5–7 competences, each consisting of several questions. The whole process can take from 30 min to 2 hours.

Once the majority of the employees have completed the assessment, the reports can be ordered online for an instant online delivery.

After the payment is complete, a corporate report and an individual report for each assessed employee will be available immediately. To see sample reports, please click here.

To learn more about BSS Around and our assessment techniques, please visit our Brochure and FAQs. Please read Testimonials to hear feedback from our customers.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at:

Please visit our new site for information about our flagship product Azinuth 2.0. In the next few months, we will be migrating to the the new site but in the meantime, both sites are available.

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